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Investment Planning


To invest is to allocate money in the expectation some benefit in the future. In WeFinance the expected cost future benefit from investment is a ...

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WeFinance Insurance Policies, Get whole life policies covers a policy holder over his life. Money back policy is a variant of the endowment plan.

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Career Counselling

Learning from others is of crucial importance when it comes to taking charge of your career journey, and ...

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We pay careful attention to your admission application, highlighting the areas required for a well-presented, error-free application.

Forex Assistance

We will help you with foreign exchange with the best exchange rate.

Application Procedure

Filling up the application form will make the process easy and faster which needs a requirement checklist. Those ...

VISA Assistance

We help student in lodging visa and everything related in how to have high chances of securing it.

Pre-Departure Briefing

We provide students who are studying abroad with a pre-departure briefing. Each student is provided with a ‘Pre-Departure ...

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In over 125 nations, IELTS is provided up to four times a month. Usually, exams are on Saturdays or Thursdays. Based on the availability of seats, you can book your test date. You can also determine how well prepared you are for the exam, of course. In reality, this is a key factor in deciding on the test date.

Academic and General Preparation are two modules to choose from. The Academic Module is for applicants wishing to study at the undergraduate or postgraduate level and for applicants seeking professional registration. The General Training Module is intended to transfer to an English-speaking country. (Australia, Canada, New Zealand or the UK).


We provide full and specific solution for every client.

All right, the answer depends. Typically, some minimum score is sought by many institutions. It is normally agreed that the minimum appropriate score is 70 out of 120. The minimum grades, however, depending on the institution you are applying for, your course, and some other variables as to whether you are going to be a Teaching Assistant.

Any score greater than 100 is a respectable TOEFL score.

The latest TOEFL iBT consists of four parts designed to test the language’s fundamental skills: reading, listening, speaking, and writing. On the same day, all parts are taken. The entire test will last about four hours. Computer-based, not computer-adaptive, is the test.


We provide full and specific solution for every client.

During school days, the SATs the talents you have gained in and beyond the classroom and measure how effectively you can apply your experience in undergraduate classes. Three portions compose the exam. Critical reading: This entails concerns about sentence completion and passage-based interpretation.

Mathematics: This entails multiple-choice and math-based student-produced answer questions usually learned by college-bound students during the first three years of high school.


We provide full and specific solution for every client.

Three tests, Theoretical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning are part of the GRE updated General Exam. The section of Analytical Writing measures the ability to articulate and promote complex ideas, examine claims. Moreover, accompanying evidence, maintain a concentrated and coherent debate, and control the components of standard written English.

Based on the challenges presented, the Analytical Writing segment allows you to have centred answers so that you can effectively show your ability to respond specifically to a task. The section on Verbal Reasoning tests your capacity to interpret and assess written content and synthesise knowledge derived from it; grasp the meanings of sentences, expressions, and whole texts; and comprehend the associations between terms and concepts.


We provide full and specific solution for every client.

The Graduate Management Acceptance Test (GMAT*) exam is a standardised exam used by more than 5,200 graduate management programmes worldwide in admissions decisions. It allows you to gauge your academic potential for performance in graduate-level management studies and present it to colleges.

The GMAT is provided in the form of a Computer Adaptive Test on a computer. This implies that the machine adjusts or adapts to your performance, and questions are presented, and scores are created based on your performance.


The English Pearson Test is an English proficiency test approved internationally by universities, schools and governments. This exam can be used to show your English ability for college and university enrolment, or as part of a visa application.

The PTE Academic Score Summary contains your total ranking, a score of communicative ability and sore abilities. Your general English language performance is expressed in the overall skills ratings. The score for all things in the test is dependent on your results. For the total ranking, the range is 10 to 90 points.


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